Frequently Asked Question


  • Are the event tickets transferable?

Yes. You can buy tickets in bulk and bring your friends to the event. Buy more and save.

  • What happens if I lose my tickets?

No worries, we have you covered. We keep track of the tickets.

  • Will you have a record of my PayPal transaction?

Yes. we can access the PayPal account and verify if you have paid for your tickets or dinner.

Valet Parking and Coat Check

  • Will you offer valet parking?

Yes. Valet parking is available at every event. Please remember to tip your parking attendant.

  • Will there be a coat check?

It depends on the outside temperature. Coat check is usually available during the fall and winter events. You are welcome to use the coat room during the summer and spring events.


  • What should I wear?


All Chesterfield events are semi-formal, black tie optional. We love to see everybody dressed up for the occasion. Our photo gallery might give you some ideas.

Dinner and Drinks

  • Is dinner included in the ticket price?

Yes. Your ticket is the cover charge for the event and pays for the band and the decorations The ticket also included dinner for two. Purchase your tickets on the Make your Reservation page. The Chesterfield is responsible for pre-ordering the dinner at our venue.

  • Is tax and gratuity included in the dinner price?

Yes. Tax and gratuity for the food are included in dinner price. You can always leave an extra tip for your server

  • How do I pay for drinks?

You will settle your bar tab with the venue on the night. Please remember to tip your server.

  • Can I house charge my dinner as a Battle Creek Country Club member?

Unfortunately not. The Chesterfield has to collect the payments for the dinner. You can house charge your bar tab.


  • Where are the events held?

All Chesterfield events are held at the Battle Creek Country Club (BCCC).

  • Is The Chesterfield affiliated with the Battle Creek Country Club? (BCCC)

No. The Chesterfield is a standalone institution. We are grateful that the BCCC is offering its ball room for our events.


If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.



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